GSO launches its New Brand Identity

January 10, 2023
GSO launches its New Brand Identity

The Standardization Organization for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GSO) launched its new brand identity, on the sidelines of the second annual honoring ceremony for GSO’s employees, which was held on December 29, 2022.

His Excellency Mr. Saud bin Nasser Al-Khasibi, President of GSO, pointed out that the new identity came to reflect in its concept the big role that GSO plays in strengthening its strategic partnership with the national standardization bodies in the member states, with the aim of unifying the various standardization activities and their effective implementation to ensure safety of products, efficiency of services and their ease of movement in the Gulf common market, consumer protection with a view to improve the quality of life in the member states, and support their economies to compete in global markets.

He added that the new identity is compatible in its significance with GSO’s endeavor towards achieving sustainable partnership, building confidence in its services and products, and strengthening cooperation relations with its partners from regional and international bodies, agencies, and organizations.

He further added  that GSO seeks, through its 2025 vision, to be the trusted regional expertise house for standardization activities, and the first enabler of the Gulf common market, by achieving its strategic goals that focus on strategic enablers to achieve institutional governance, raise competitiveness, digital structure, professional performance, efficiency of its internal operations in a way to ensure the completion and sustainability of the achievements of its previous strategic plans, and its future directions, and taking  into consideration the rationale for GSO’s accession under the umbrella of the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf.

It should be noted that the GSO rebranding comes after its accession under the umbrella of the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, and in keeping with its strategic plan to achieve more excellence, development and growth in its various fields of work.

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