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Globalization has pushed standardization into the limelight making it become not only desirable, but also necessary in its capacity as a trade-enhancing tool that fosters innovation.

What is education about standardization?

Education about Standardization (EaS) is teaching pupils, students, CEOs, managers, employees in business, and life-long learners the subject of standards and standardization. The level of education has to be carefully tailored to these target audiences. It may include the use and benefits of standards, the strategic importance of standardization for business and Europe’s competitiveness, how to implement standards in businesses and how to participate in standardization to influence the content of future standards.

Why is education about standardization important?

Education about standardization is necessary in particular, but not only, for future generations of executives, engineers, entrepreneurs and lawyers who need to be familiarized with how to use standards, and how to take part in the standards making process. This will allow them to include standardization from the beginning of their projects or businesses, thereby reaping the full benefits standardization can offer.

What we do?

In response to the first GSO Forum on Standardization Education held in Doha, December 2015, GSO Team on Education about Standardization was established by the participation of GSO Members. The GSO Team established a  policy on Education about Standardization  with the aims of

  • achieving a significant increase in the number of people who have a fair and positive knowledge of standardization, its characteristics and added value;
  • improving the understanding of the added value of standardization amongst the key stakeholders (business executives, academia, government and relevant authorities, …);
  • increasing the competency of those persons seeking to participate in the standards-making process.

The GSO sked the Member States to:

  • improve Public knowledge & awareness about standardization by means of training, awareness-raising activities and targeted workshops.
  • encourages the Member States to improve the position of standardization in education programmes and academic curricula, in order to familiarize students with the strategic benefits and challenges of standardization, drawing on the expertise of standardization bodies”.


Should you want to learn more about the activities of GSO on education about standardization, please get in touch with Marketing and International Relations:

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