GSO Strategic Plan 2021 -2025

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GSO Strategic Plan 2021-2025

The mission of the GCC Standardization Organization is to become the main enabler of the National Standardization Bodies (NSBs) in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC). GSO is working to achieve integration and interdependence between the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the areas of organizing and unifying standardization activities and following up on their implementation to ensure the safety of products, the efficiency of services, and ease of transfer in the Gulf common market, in addition to consumer protection to improve the quality of life in GCC member states and strengthen their economies to compete in global markets.

GSO has defined its Strategic Plan 2025, and that is to be the trusted regional center of excellence in standardization activities, and the first enabler for the Gulf common market. To achieve its vision, GSO relies on the successful implementation of three main strategic themes:

The first theme is “Organizational excellence

Accurate implementation of GSO’s activities and operations with high efficiency, lowest costs and on time, to provide value-added services to GCC member states.”

The second theme is being a Regional Organization Leader

GSO becomes a major and reliable reference in GCC member states for standardization activities by positioning within the global map of standardization organizations and bodies and building effective strategic partnerships to support trade, industry, and economy in GCC member states.

Finally, the third Strengthen economic integration among the Gulf Cooperation Council countries

GSO’s contribution to achieving a common Gulf market and economic growth for member states through standardization activities, conformity procedures, and unified and effective control over products, as the first enablers of the Gulf common market. Moreover, all GSO programs, projects, and activities have been aligned with these themes.

GSO’s ultimate goal is to increase products safety levels in the Gulf common market. Our success in achieving this goal will depend on the integration of the GCC countries in the standardization activities among the member states, as well as the enhanced trust in the products that obtained the Gulf conformity mark. In parallel, and in accordance with the principles of proper governance, GSO will work to develop and diversify its sources of income to sustain its self-sufficiency, in addition to working on developing the unified financial system in partnership with member states, which is directly reflected in supporting the standardization activities of national standardization bodies.

To achieve these goals, GSO will work to strengthen its institutional identity and develop its internal processes in general, especially the operations of the steering, technical and subsidiary committees, and the Gulf technical working groups and teams; improve technical support, and build capacity for member states; in addition, to enhance its leading role regionally and internationally in the areas of standardization by encouraging research studies and innovation in standardization services, in parallel with improving its support services and internal communication, including the reporting and decision-making processes.

Another dimension of our business strategies deals with improving and developing organizational readiness. This readiness depends on improving GSO’s infrastructure and digital services, in addition to empowering GSO’s staff, improving the work environment, and achieving corporate governance since institutional readiness is the main driver for efficient and productive internal operations.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the implementation of our strategies and the achievement of our goals depend on three critical success factors which are: engaged leadership at all levels of GSO, interactive communications between all employees, and the strict adherence to all our core values.

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