GSO seeks to secure its needs and requirements through companies operating in the Member States. These companies can register in the list of suppliers accredited by the GSO through electronic registration or communication through the following channels.

Phone : 920033992
Ext : 8035

GSO also confirms that all tenders in the GSO are announced on its website on the link where the interested parties can follow the announcements issued by the GSO in this regard.

The conditions of the general tender shall include the following:

  • The proposal must be accompanied by a primary guarantee of not less than 5% of the tender value.
  • Final deposit of at least 10% of the value of items or works that have been placed on the supplier or contractor.
  • Proposal must be submitted in sealed envelopes. The envelopes shall be opened and the value declared by the bid committee in the presence of the submitters or their representatives.
  • GSO is not bound by the acceptance of the lowest proposal or any other tender with the justification.


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