Guides of Technical Work

GSO’s Technical Guides are reference documents published by GSO to give orientation, advice or recommendations on standardization principles , policies, and guidance to standards’ writers. Guides may also address issues of interest to all users of GSO’s documents such as manufacturers, designers, service providers and educators.

Therefore and in line with the core objectives of GSO and its efforts to unify standardization and its activities, GSO has adopted international technical Guides and procedures that facilitate the preparation, adoption and updating of GCC standards and technical regulations through Gulf Technical Committees of Standards Sector, which includes the following Guides:

Technical Guide for Standards-Part (1): System and Methods of Work (5th Edition, December 2016):

This guide explains the roles and procedures of the formation of GSO technical Committees, GSO sub-Technical Committees and related work groups, and explains the steps to develop the GSO standards and technical regulations through GSO technical committees in addition to procedures of adding technical amendments and corrigenda. It is considered the prime reference for GSO technical committees in their work.

  Technical Guide for Standards-Part (1): System and Methods of Work (5th Edition)

Technical Guide – Part 2: Methodology for developing GSO Standards According to the ISO Guidelines:

The objective of this Guide is to ensure that the standards prepared by the authorities responsible for the issuance of standards or technical regulations have been prepared in a consistent manner regardless of the technical content. It includes general principles for preparing the standards, structuring the standards, and how to write the standards.

  Technical Guide – Part 2: Methodology for developing GCC Standards

Adoption of International Standards as Regional or National Standards Part 1: Adoption of International Standards (ISO Guide 21):

This Guide describes the methods of the adoption of international standards as regional standards or national standards. It also includes a system that demonstrates the degree of symmetry in order to encourage the link between national and regional standardization bodies regarding the method of adopting the international standards and the degree of harmonization with international standards.

  Adoption of International Standards

Guide to the production of Gulf standards and technical regulations projects:

This guide describes the method of output, method of numbering, covering page and presentation of the following documents: Draft project of Gulf standard and technical regulations and Gulf standard and technical regulations (typographical correction / amendment) for Gulf standard and technical regulations. It also aims to unify the way these documents are produced and how they are written at the level of the GCC technical committees, their subcommittees and working groups.

  Guide to the production of Gulf standards and technical regulations and their projects:

Technical Guide for Standards: Stakeholders’ Participation in the development of Gulf standards and technical regulations – Second issue:

The guide explains the mechanism of Stakeholders’ engagement in the stages of developing the GSO standards and technical regulations within the GSO technical and sub-committees and the roles and responsibilities for stakeholder upon participation of GSO technical Committees.

Technical Guide for Standards-Stakeholders’ Participation – Arabic

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