GCC Training Center

Who we are

GCC Standardization Training Center is the first training center of its kind in the region specialized in the development of specialists in the national standardization bodies (NSBs) and those interested in the field of standardization and related activities:

  • rich experience in standardization and related activities.
  • training and career staff with excellent experience.
  • great knowledge of the culture and environment of organizations in Member States.
  • a continuous assessment of the stakeholders’ strategies and needs.
  • strategic partnership with specialized and qualified experts in international and regional standardization organizations.

Certificates of participation/passing issued and certified by international training institutes and organizations

Training Fields

  • Standards
  • Metrology
  • Conformity Assessment
  • Laboratories


Delivering a specific and customized training, career development programs to enrich learning and optimize individual, group and organizational performance, through:

  • Conferences and Forums
  • Training programs and workshops
  • Qualifying training programs
  • e-Training
  • In-house tailored and oriented training programs.
  • Training Site visits


  • GSO Member States (NSBs): To contribute to the development of technical cadres working in the national standardization bodies and related parties in the Member States to ensure the achievement of the objectives of standardization and enhance the quality of outputs and professional excellence, in line with the GSO strategic direction and NSBs in accordance with international practices.
  • Government Sector: Our training activities help public sector by providing standards and technical regulations related to health, safety and the environment.
  • Business Sector: Through the acquisition of necessary skills to meet the requirements of the standards for the quality of products, and therefore give you a chance of competitiveness in the local, regional or global market.
  • Consumer: By attending our training activities, you will have the necessary knowledge about the quality of products and services, integrity and verification of standards and technical regulations.
  • Everyone: By providing the seminars and workshops in standardization, we contribute effectively in the quality of life and keep our environment clean and healthy.
Training Programs

Specialized training courses in standardization activities delivered by world class trainers.



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