Standards support the economy, improve safety and health, use our global resources more efficiently and improve our quality of life


GSO works with its Members to develop and define GSO Standards in response to specific needs that have been identified by TCs, businesses, and other users of standards.

GSO standards are developed by teams of experts in technical committees who have particular knowledge of the specific sector or topic that is being addressed. The members of Technical Committees as well as sub-committees and working groups are nominated by the national standardization Bodies (NSBs).

Each National Standardization Body members in GSO is obliged to adopt each GSO Standard as a national standard and make it available to customers in their country. They also have to withdraw any existing national standard that conflicts with the new GSO Standard. Therefore, one GSO Standard becomes the national standard in all 7 countries.

Moreover, many GSO Standards are adopted as identical International standards. At least, 80% of GSO standards are international standards.

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Technical Committees

GSO Technical Committees are responsible for developing the GSO Standards and Technical Regulations. GSO has a technical committee in every major industrial sector

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Standards Steering Committee

A committee initiating from the technical council and supervising the activities of technical committees for specification of standards

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