Standards Store

This service allows you to HAVE an ON-LINE purchase of Gulf Standards or Technical Regulations.

This system is concerned with the provision of Gulf standards and technical regulations with the possibility of navigation, search and review. The system provides number of services including:

  • Presentation of statistics on Gulf standards and technical regulations in each of the sectors of technical work approved, where the system shows the numbers and the highest selling thereof.
  • The means of research in Gulf standards and technical regulations.
  • Availability of standards and technical regulations with electronic payment method chosen by credit card or bank transfer.
  • Availability or standards and technical regulations for sale in accordance with the agreement of understanding with the exporter of the standard.
  • Pricing of the standards according to the store’s default currency and based on the reference price list from the issuer of the standard.

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Standards Store

Buy Gulf Standards and Technical Regulations, pay online and download in PDF.

Standards IMS

Management of Gulf Standards Information and their national and international equivalents.

Standards Projects

Gulf Standards and Technical Regulations under development by Gulf Technical Committees.



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