Conformity Certificates Authentication


In accordance with the decision of the Ministerial Board of Directors Council of GSO held in Kuwait on October 12th, 2004 to have a common GCC Conformity Certificate based on the relevant Gulf Standards for new motor vehicles and Tyres. The GSO conformity certificates for motorcycles have been implemented, verified and approved by GSO since the 1st July 2014.

Motor Vehicles

GSO Technical Regulations Motor Vehicles 2023 MY-D3
GSO Technical Regulations MV 2024 MY-D4

GSO Technical Regulations MV 2025 MY-D3

The GSO Certification Scheme has been verified and approved by the GSO since January 1st, 2005.


GSO Technical Regulations MC


GSO Technical Regulations for Tyres

Electronic Conformity Certificate Scheme (ECCS)

GSO has establish the Electronic Conformity Certification Scheme (ECCS) to facilitate the certifications procedures, enhance the quality of serves, to shorten the time of review and to have a detailed data for the benefit of GSO stakeholders.

GSO Certification Scheme

The main target for GSO Certification Scheme is to verify the compliance of the related products with GSO technical Regulations to assure of their safety for users and to protect the environment in the region.

Procedure of Authentication

  • Registration:

Login to the GSO website ( and register by filling the all fields and upload an authorization letter (indicating the responsible staff/person/entity that will access the ECCS in behalf of the manufacturer). Then the username and password are given.

Once GSO’s Conformity Assessment Dept. (CAD) receives and verifies the registration. CAD will activate the ECCS account and immediately it can be used to access the ECCS

  • Application Submission:

Login to the ECCS site (, enter the user name and password.

All the required fields must be fill-up per application and once all the application are submitted, in order to create a Batch the RGCCA and proof of payment (evaluation fee) must be uploaded.

Request for GSO Conformity Certificate Authentication (RGCCA) must be printed on the manufacturer’s header with GSO’s RGCCA format. All models/types (for vehicle) / sizes/types (for tyre) must be indicated and signed by the authorized person, he/she must write his/her full name, job title/designation and date signed in English then stamped with the company seal.

Proof of Payment (Evaluation Fee) is paid by either direct transfer or Credit card. In addition, linking your proof of payment to 2 or more Batches are not acceptable, the exact amount must settle the total number of applications submitted for the specific Batch.

If required, a demand invoice can be requested thru the ECCS before processing the evaluation fee.

The manufacturer will receive a notification stating “Batch created successfully” on the same web page.

  • Evaluation Process:

Once GSO receives the submitted Batch, the attached RGCCA and Proof of Payment (Evaluation Fee) will be verified, if it is complying with GSO requirements

Each submitted Batch will be assigned to a Technical Engineer for the initial evaluation.

After the initial evaluation, it will be transferred to the Senior Technical Engineer for the final evaluation (the whole evaluation period is 5 working days).

Then a notification is sent thru the Manufacturer’s ECCS registered email address concerning the status of their submitted Batch (see below)

  • Approved: See Step 4 – Submission of Approved Batch

Rejected: if the manufacturer will be re-submitting then the applications must be revised based on the notification sent. Basically, it will be treated as a new application, so a new RGCCA and Proof of Payment need to be submitted.

On-Hold: It is necessary to comply with the additional requirements indicated on the notification, in order to finalize the evaluation process.

  • Submission of Approved Batch (CCRs):

Once the notification for submitted approved Batch has been received.

  • Verification:

Upon received of the uploaded signed/stamped approved CCRs, it will undergo a minor verification procedure.

Once it is verified then the Batch is placed under “Closed” status (meaning the batch is finalized and completed the whole procedure).


It is mandatory to arrange recall campaigns the products with defects related to safety, the manufacturer will be responsible of legal and financially if not.


Products bearing the G-Mark registered by Gulf Notified Bodies.


Conformity Certificates and Fuel Efficiency Labels for Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Tyres.

Notification System

Designation of Conformity Assessment Bodies as Gulf, Bahrain & Oman Notified Bodies.



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