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Quality Policy

The GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) is a regional standardization body that aims to unify the various standardization activities in the GSO Member States. GSO confirms its commitment to implementing a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

In order to achieve its vision of being the trusted regional center of excellence for standardization activities and the first enabler of the GCC Common Market, GSO will focus on customers and meeting their needs and expectations. This will lead to continuous improvement in the services and products provided by GSO.

GSO also states that the quality policy will be one of the basic frameworks for defining the periodic goals of quality within the fundamental pillars of the strategic plan, which are:

  1. Institutional excellence to provide added value to GSO Member States.
  2. Promoting economic integration among GSO Member States to achieve the GCC Common Market.
  3. Building effective strategic partnerships as a pioneer regional authority.

To this end, the quality management system will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it meets the requirements.

Quality Policy


GSO Knowledge Management Policy

The Standardization Organization for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GSO) is keen to implement the knowledge management system in compliance with the requirements of the International Standard for the knowledge management systems -Requirements ISO 30401:2018 in all activities and operations of the Organization.

In line with the nature of GSO’s work, it strives to propagate awareness of the knowledge management system, and provide the appropriate support to achieve satisfaction of the beneficiaries and relevant parties with the operations, services and products provided by GSO, and to maintain knowledge management practices by activating the processes and procedures for knowledge management in accordance with the provisions of the International Standard for the knowledge management systems-Requirements ISO 30401: 2018.

GSO is also keen to support the training and development of its employees on knowledge management and to ensure that they have the proper qualification to provide high quality products and services to attain the required level of knowledge awareness by sharing and transferring knowledge and making it available while preserving and protecting it.

Besides, ensuring that the GSO’s operations are compatible with the main enablers of the knowledge management system, so that they are compatible with human capital, operations, governance, information technology, and knowledge culture.

GSO is fully committed to the following:

  1. Ensuring that the knowledge management policy is compatible with its purpose and objectives.
  2. Initiating and implementing knowledge management objectives.
  3. Identifying responsibilities and powers, and communicating with all concerned employees.
  4. Providing appropriate resources for the knowledge management system.

The GSO’s top management also undertakes to continuously improve the knowledge management system, spread the knowledge management policy to all its employees and concerned parties, and review it regularly to maintain its suitability and keep it up to date.

GSO Knowledge Management Policy


GSO International End-User Licence Agreement

All products produced and published by GSO are copyrighted and protected by saudi arabian laws and its members and International law. This includes the following:

  • GSO Standards and technical regulations
  • GSO Journal
  • GSO Published Books and Manuals

For more detailed information relating to authorized usage of GSO copyrighted materials, please read the:

Intellectual Property Rights Document For documents, publications, products and services of the GSO



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