Organizational Structure

    • GSO president
      • GSO president Office


      • Strategic Managment Office


      • Internal Audit Unit


      • Corporate Services Dep.
        • Finance Section
        • HR & Administration Section
      • outreach Department
        • Capacity building section
        • Marketing & international relations section
        • Knowledge Management Section
      • Conformity Department
        • Technical Regulation Section
        • Notification Section
        • Certificate Authentication Section
      • Standards & Metrology Dep.
        • Standards Section
        • Technical Committee Section
        • Metrology Section
      • Technology Department
        • IT Solutions Section
        • IT Infrastructure Section

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Executive Management

H.E. Eng. Nawaf Ibrahim Al-Mana

GSO president

Dr. Oday Albuhamad

Dr. Oday Albuhamad

Director of Standards & Metrology

Eng. Waleed A. Al-Sagr

Director of Conformity Assessment

Mr. Bader A. Al-Nassar

Director of Outreach Department
Mr. Hassan Al-Balawi

Mr. Hassan Al-Balawi

Director of Technology
عبد الإله الخزيم

Mr. Abdulelah M. Al-Khozaim

Director of Corporate Services

Eng. Ahmed A. Al-Bashah

Eng. Ahmed A. Al-Bashah

Head of Standards
Eng. Abdullah I. Al-Hadlaq

Eng. Abdullah I. Al-Hadlaq

Head of Technical Committees

Eng. Abdulelah AlQarnas

Head of Metrology

Eng. Ibrahim Al-Kharaan

Head of Certificate Authentication

Eng. Ali Alhayki

Head of Technical Regulations
Eng. Ibrahim Y. Al-Hashaf

Eng. Ibrahim Y. Al-Hashaf

Head of Notification
Dr. Zaki M. Al-Rubaei

Dr. Zaki M. Al-Rubaei

Head of Marketing & International Relations
Mr. Mohammed A. AL-Hamad

Mr. Mohammed A. AL-Hamad

Head of Knowledge Management
Mr. Sami F. Al-Braidi

Mr. Sami F. Al-Braidi

Head of Capacity Building
Eng. Aamer A. Al-Qahtani

Eng. Aamer A. Al-Qahtani

Head of IT Infrastructure
Eng. Yusuf A. Aaji

Eng. Yusuf A. Aaji

Head of IT Solutions

Mr. Ahmad Khalid Al-khalidi

Head of HR & Admin

Mr. Bader Al-Mutawa

Head of Finance
Mr. Abdulrahman S. Abdullah

Mr. Abdulrahman S. Abdullah

Head of Internal Audit

Abdullah Mohammed Thafeed

Acting Head of Strategy Management Office

Dr. Hilal ALRaqadi

Legal Advisor
Mr. Zaid A. Al-Quroon

Mr. Zaid A. Al-Quroon

Manager of GSO president Office

GSO e-Services

Standards Store

Buy Gulf Standards and Technical Regulations, pay online and download in PDF.


Products bearing the G-Mark registered by Gulf Notified Bodies.


Conformity Certificates and Fuel Efficiency Labels for Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Tyres.

Training Programs

Specialized training courses in standardization activities delivered by world class trainers.

Gulf Committees

Gulf Committees, Membership, Messages, Documents...

Energy Efficiency Rating

Energy Efficiency Rating Labels for Air Conditioners in Bahrain & Oman.



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