Vision, Mission & Values


To be the trusted regional center of excellence in standardization activities, and the first enabler for the Gulf common market.


Achieve integration and interdependence between the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the areas of organizing and unifying standardization activities and following up on their implementation to ensure the safety of products, efficiency of services and ease of transfer in the Gulf common market, in addition to consumer protection to improve the quality of life in GCC member states and strengthen their economies to compete in global markets.


Meet beneficiaries’ expectations: Meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of the GSO Member States is the focus of our strategy and business.

Professionalism and Excellence : Commitment to be the best and to provide the best for our members.

Transparency : Effective and clear communication about all our business.

Integration with Partners : Cooperation and integration to achieve common goals and sustain relations.

GSO e-Services

Standards Store

Buy Gulf Standards and Technical Regulations, pay online and download in PDF.


Products bearing the G-Mark registered by Gulf Notified Bodies.


Conformity Certificates and Fuel Efficiency Labels for Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Tyres.

Training Programs

Specialized training courses in standardization activities delivered by world class trainers.

Gulf Committees

Gulf Committees, Membership, Messages, Documents...

Energy Efficiency Rating

Energy Efficiency Rating Labels for Air Conditioners in Bahrain & Oman.



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