GCC CA Scheme

GCC Member states agreed to introduce a new Regulatory System to control products in the its single market. The System is comprised of two sets of Technical Regulations (TR).

Regulatory System Concepts

7 of them are constituting the Horizontal Regulations applied to all products which are:

  • GCC Conformity Marking TR. (Approved)
  • The General TR for product Safety. (Approved)
  • Conformity Assessment Modules. (Approved)
  • Notified Bodies Selection and Notification. (Approved)
  • Market Survey TR. (In Process)
  • Product Liability (In Process)
  • Rapid Exchange of Information (AGEL) (In Process)

The second set of TR are the Vertical Ones. Each is addressing a Category of Products such as:

  • Toys (Approved)
  • Low Voltage Devices-General (Approved)
  • Others

It has been decided to launch the GSO Technical Regulation for Toys as a pilot project by 1 June 2010 and on Compulsory basis by 1- July 2011.

In June 2016, GSO the Low Voltage Devices Technical Regulation was launched. in its startegic plan 2016-2020, GSO has included at least 20 TRs for different sectors.