Concepts & Terminology

General Committee for Standards

A committee emerged from the Technical Council to conduct tasks and functions assigned to it.

Technical Committee (TC)

The Technical Committee formed by GSO to prepare standards for a sector of standards.

Sub-Committee (SC)

A committee emerged from a Technical Committee to conduct tasks and functions assigned to it within the program of this Technical Committee.

Working Group (WG)

A limited number of experts group formed by the Technical Committee members designated in their personal capacity to carry out specific tasks.

Working member:

The standardizing body participating in any technical or subsidiary committee shall have the right to vote.

Observer Member

A standardization agency that has expressed the desire to be informed of the work of the Committee and has no right to vote.

Standards Store

Buy Gulf Standards and Technical Regulations, pay online and download in PDF.

Standards IMS

Management of Gulf Standards Information and their national and international equivalents.

Standards Projects

Gulf Standards and Technical Regulations under development by Gulf Technical Committees.



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