Speech of H.E President of GSO at the 2022 ceremony for the GSO employees

January 11, 2023
Speech of H.E President of GSO at the 2022 ceremony for the GSO employees

Brothers and sisters, the GCC Standardization Organization team.

I am pleased to welcome all of you to the annual ceremony of GSO’s work team, which is held today in your honor.

Brothers and sisters.

We gathered for such a ceremony a year ago, and today we gather, after a year of giving, achievements, and lessons learned.

A year in which GSO sought with blessed and relentless efforts to continue its tasks and strengthen its position on the Gulf, regional and international arenas.

A year in which GSO boosted consumer safety, and facilitated trade exchange through unified Gulf standards, by efficient technical committees, relying on mass, length, dimension and thermal measures, and with sound calibration, until we reached harmony with international weights.

We committed to conformance to standards, so the Gulf conformity mark has become our slogan that we are proud of, and we certified, so our certificates were the source of trust of the manufacturer and the consumer.

We have designed our technical systems, so they have organized and streamlined our work, and saved our time and efforts. Technology was a model with which the corresponding standardization organizations were integrated.

A year in which cognitive, skillful, and behavioral competencies had a date, and institutional excellence had an important and distinguishing title, and knowledge had abundant luck, and the institutional identity had a different color and beauty that tells the story of past achievements, and future ambition that embraces our vision 2025.

A year we undertook upon ourselves to qualify, develop and train; so, the Gulf Standardization Center for Training said its word with actions, and gathered friends, near and far, to tell them that together we will be stronger!

We have always communicated, so our digital platforms were the source of direct news and events that do not accept delay.

We have designed, thus our publications gained admiration and acceptance. We have engineered our relations and conveyed our mission with high professional competence, hence GSO become a  destination for  ambassadors, delegations, companies and specialized individuals. As a result, GSO has become a name to be found prominently present in all invitations, forums and activities.

Performance indicators and targets were crowned in green, rejoicing at your achievements, and a system for strategy follow up motivated by the pulse of your interaction, proposals and meetings.

A year in which financial sustainability had a complete title, in which GSO and its members were reassured when anxiety prevailed among others!

Its team trained and obtained professional certificates, and we celebrated the birthdays of its members with gratitude, thanks and joy, and “our children” met at their parents’ workplace, so they celebrated, drew, excelled, and made their memories in it.

Dear sisters, dear brothers.

Here we are meeting today to say thank you for all the achievements, and to say thank you to their makers and engineers, who contributed to the progress of GSO and raising its name and status, as they have always been its ambassadors and its strength in all its stages, who set and are setting for us a wonderful example of what an employee should be of perfection, and a role model to be followed as far as ideals, values and achievement are concerned.

As we say to everyone, “You have excelled and done well.. we are fully aware that excellence and competition are of varying degrees.. “And thus let the contestants contest.”..

Therefore, we will say today to the contesters who competed and worked tirelessly, and gave GSO their time, effort and conscience without complaint or asking in return. They participated in the strength of determination, will, exertion, perseverance, and relentless pursuit to increase the acquisition of skills and capabilities.. Thank you all, each with his name and job title.

Dear colleagues who had printed their finger print and demonstrated leadership, thank you.

To the teams and working groups, thank you.

To the dedicated professionals in their professional career with all sophistication and excellence, thank you.

To those who were keen on the unity of the team, and preserved GSO’s gains.. and placed its interest above all considerations, thank you.

To those who maintain obedience and observance of Allah in their deeds as their ultimate goal, thank you.

Brothers and Sisters: Success Partners.. GSO Ambassadors

I spoke to you at our previous annual party, saying: We must accept nothing but success and excellence, and we must always be at the forefront! We have achieved a Certificate of Institutional Excellence from the European Foundation for Quality (EFQM). With the blessed efforts of the Institutional Excellence Team, and the GSO work team; we look forward to continue the journey of excellence and sustain it.

Today, in this joyous ceremony, I announce that our logo for the following year 2023 will be the year of “Creativity and Institutional Change”, the Year of Knowledge, and Institutional Governance. I will work with you hand in hand to achieve this direction, which will add to GSO more confidence and leadership in being the trusted house of expertise and the first enabler of the Gulf common market… our shared dream 2025.

And in conclusion.

In the midst of our joy today, I must remind you, and myself before you, of the greatness of the trust and responsibility that rests on your shoulders. You are the safety valve of the consumer, public health and environmental protectors. You are the makers of the Gulf economy, and the architects of the Gulf common market. You are an essential building block in the joint Gulf work system, and these are very big tasks that necessitate more efforts and solidarity to perform the mission entrusted to GSO in unifying standardization activities and following up on their implementation and adherence to them.

Always remember: Allah Almighty loves lofty matters and hates trivialities. So, seek the highest aims and noble morals, and from the sign of the perfection of the mind is the height of determination, and the honorable souls are not satisfied with things except with the highest, the best, and the most praiseworthy as a consequence, and the upper hand is better than the lower hand, and in every good.

As the saying goes:

And I have not seen anything in people’s faults *** like the lack of those who are able to complete

And the saying:

If you venture into the honor of a task ***, do not be satisfied with what is below the stars

In conclusion.

I reiterate my thanks to all of you, and to the work team that prepared and organized this ceremony, for the appreciated efforts and high touches to accomplish this blessed fraternal gathering.

Asking Allah Almighty to guide everyone to what is good and correct, and may you all be in Allah protection and care.

Peace be upon you

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