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Technical Committees

GSO had formed a number of technical committees for the preparation of standards and technical regulations covering various sectors and include representatives nominated by NSB's of the member States, The number of technical committees of different sectors are (10) technical committees so far covering head industrial and economic vitality sectors in the GCC States. A set of sub-committees have been formed to respond to the requirements for the issuance of successive standards in specialized areas. For more information about technical committees / sub committees can be accessed at the following link: Technical Committees.

The GSO through those technical committees / sub committees, set up standards and technical regulations based on reference to several standard taking into account the national requirements of Member States, through several ways, including the adoption of a single standard reference without modification or adoption to amend commensurate with the national requirements , or update the standards and technical regulations previously adopted to amend some of its clauses or insert additional requirements commensurate with the national requirements of Member States or replacement of the standard by the updated new standard to be more appropriate and being prepared from several references or adoption of a single reference.

Out of concern the participation and comment of public and private sector in the member states in the work of GSO technical committees and their contribution in the preparation of standards and technical regulations, has urged the NSB's of Member States to set up technical committees and a national debate for each GSO technical committee to include representatives of government agencies and industrial sectors, commercial and service sector and senior users, universities and other academic bodies, as well as chambers of commerce and industry.