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Conformity Certificates Approval

In accordance with the decision of the Ministerial Council of the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) held in Kuwait on 12th October 2004 to have a common GCC Conformity Certificate based on the relevant Gulf Standards for new motor vehicles and tires, the GCC Conformity Certificate for Motor Vehicles and Tires will be verified and approved by the GSO's Head quarters starting January 1st, 2005.


The following procedure will be adopted to enforce the new system:

  1. Conformity Certificate Request Submission
    • Existing Models of vehicles For existing models with previously held GCC Conformity Certificates, manufacturers should submit for new GCC Conformity Certificate (two originals) to the GSO head office. (It is not necessary to provide test report and substantiating data for existing models of vehicles).
    • New models of Vehicles Manufacturers should submit for GCC Conformity Certificate (two originals) along with test report to GSO. It is not necessary to provide substantiating data at this stage. However GSO reserves the right to ask for test reports or test data if needed. The tests shall be carried out at the manufacturers testing facility or at an independent facility accepted by GSO.
    • Tyres Manufacturers should submit for GCC Conformity Certificate (two originals) along with relevant test report format to GSO along with substantiating test reports/test data.
  2. Submitted documents will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy. On successful review the GSO will allot a reference number to each certificate submitted.
  3. GSO will review the certificate and the test documents and will confirm approval/rejection of the vehicle/tyre to the concerned manufacturer. If the review results in rejection then the reason for this will also be communicated to the manufacturer.
  4. The GSO will approve the relevant GCC Conformity Certificate.
  5. In the case of rejected certificates the reason for the rejection will be communicated to the manufacturer.

The test report shall be prepared by the manufacturer on their company's letterhead paper using the appropriate format mentioned under item 5.
If deemed necessary, a visit to the manufacturing plant may be requested in order to evaluate the testing facility available and its management system. Moreover, witness testing where necessary, may also be required. We reserve the right to request relevant tests to be carried out by an independent third party accredited laboratory.

Validity of the GCC Conformity Certificates

The validity of the GCC Conformity Certificate shall be as follows:

  • Vehicles: Certificate is valid until the end of the last month of the calendar year by which the model year is designated.
  • Tires: Certificates is valid for one year from the date of approval.

The approved GCC Conformity Certificates is acceptable in all GCC Countries.  

Conformity Certificates System

GSO has develop a special web application to apply on Conformity Certificates, to access the system you need to have an account on GSO website. For any help you can reach us always via the support center.

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