GSO Participates in Celebrating the Arab Standardization Day 2024

March 24, 2024
GSO Participates in Celebrating the Arab Standardization Day 2024

The GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) participates with the Arab standardization bodies in celebrating the Arab Standardization Day, which is held every year on 25 March. This year’s theme is “Standardization for a prosperous economy and a vital sustainable society.”

In his speech on this occasion, His Excellency Mr. Saud bin Nasser Al-Khusaibi, President of GSO, indicated that the theme for celebrating the Arab Standardization Day for this year came out of conviction of the great importance of standardization and its great role in developing lifestyles for all, and its direct relationship to supporting the quality of life in our societies and providing for safety and sustainability. He added that standardization is an important tool for enhancing sustainability, as implementing standardization activities and requirements paves the way to achieving sustainability, as standardization aims at putting in place regulations, standards and systems for environmentally responsible practices.

His Excellency added that applying standardization activities and requirements help achieve higher levels of quality for goods, products and services by ensuring competition among producers and manufacturers, and also provides protection for members of society by ensuring the safety and quality of goods, products and services.

He pointed out that standardization plays a pivotal role in achieving a prosperous economy by improving the quality of products, supporting national products, reducing technical barriers to trade and facilitating trade exchange. Standardization also enhances sustainability by providing for technical regulations and standards for environmentally responsible practices, and also contributes to protecting the environment by following up the implementation of these standards and technical regulations, which contribute, besides providing health and safety, to preserving the environment by reducing waste and pollution, reducing the rate of carbon dioxide emission, enhancing energy and fuel efficiency, ensuring sustainability in the supply and use of materials, as well as rationalizing water, in addition to meeting production and use requirements for clean and renewable energy to preserve the environment.

His Excellency the President of GSO pointed out that GSO started at the beginning of this year 2024 to coordinate and cooperate with the standardization bodies of the member states on the phased implementation of the Technical Regulation for Water-consumption Conservation Products which is intended to rationalize water consumption, in accordance with an action plan by each member state. He emphasized the vital role of this Regulation in preserving water resources and ensuring their sustainability.

He added that GSO has been working since its establishment, in cooperation and coordination with the national standardization bodies of the member states and through its partnerships with various international and regional organizations working in the field of standardization, to prepare and develop Gulf standards and technical regulations that support the achievement of a prosperous economy and a vital sustainable society for the Gulf society by contributing to achieving public safety, environment protection, facilitating trade exchange, and supporting the Gulf economy.

GSO has issued until now more than 27 thousand Gulf standards and technical regulations covering various goods and products.

At the end of his speech, His Excellency hailed the great efforts exerted by international, regional and national organizations in the field of standardization. He extended his thanks and gratitude to the Arab Organization for Industrial Development, Standardization and Mining (AIDSMO). He also extended his thanks and gratitude to the member states of GSO, and to all those working in the fields of standardization and its various activities in the Arab standardization bodies, and all those who support GSO and standardization in all its activities and fields.

It is worthwhile mentioning that 25 March of each year coincides with the anniversary of founding the Arab Organization for Standardization and Metrology, which was established on 25 March, 1968 in Cairo as one of the bodies of the League of Arab States, and whose activities were merged within the framework of the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mining in 1988. The Arab Standardization Day was celebrated for the first time on 25 March, 1999.

Arab standardization bodies, within the framework of the Arab Supreme Committee for Standardization of AIDSMO choose annually a theme to celebrate this occasion.


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