GSO Announces its Training Plan for the year 2024

January 23, 2024
GSO Announces its Training Plan for the year 2024

The GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) announced its training plan for the year 2024 which consists of multidisciplinary programs in the field of standardization and related activities, covering standards, metrology, and conformity.

His Excellency Mr. Saud bin Nasser Al-Khusaibi, President of GSO, confirmed that the Training Plan for the year 2024 aims at contributing to the development and qualification of human cadres in the national standardization bodies in the member states, stakeholders, various relevant bodies and those interested in the fields of standardization in general, with a view to qualify them to meet the requirements of professional work and to educate them about the importance of standardization and activities associated with it.

He explained that GSO intends to organize 20 training programs and workshops covering various standardization activities, to be implemented, in line with a time frame, in a number of capitals and cities of the GCC States, in cooperation with the national standardization bodies of the member states.

His Excellency pointed out that the list of programs and training courses for this year includes a program for requirements for notification of conformity assessment bodies in the field of the Gulf Technical Regulation for tools for conserving water consumption, a program for procedures for granting the green card, length and dimension measurement, and a program for a specialist in developing standards in accordance with the competency framework of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in addition to the regulations of renewable energy applications, and regulatory impact analysis (RIA).

It also includes a program of calibration of non-automatic weighing instruments, international best practices in market surveillance for tires, as well as the technical requirements for electric vehicles, and the preparation of international cooperation projects in the fields of standardization, and tools for digital transformation and artificial intelligence in standardization.

The list of training programs also includes the Guide of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for preparing national standardization strategies (NSS), food additives and contaminants, the practical program for conformity specialists, and legal metrology applications to enhance consumer safety and support the Gulf economy.

The list of training programs also includes the best practices in recalling and withdrawing products (Recall), and the impact of applying the (TBT & SPS) agreements of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in supporting and facilitating trade exchange, in addition to the best practices in the field of standardization (GSP), and the best practices in applying Gulf Technical regulations and standards in the member states.

GSO concludes its plan with the First Gulf Forum for Halal Products and Services.

Entities and interested bodies can view and participate in the training programs through GSO website at the link:

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