GSO Organizes the Fifth Gulf Open Day for Economic Operators

May 22, 2023
GSO Organizes the Fifth Gulf Open Day for Economic Operators

GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) organized the fifth Gulf Open Day for economic operators (manufacturers and traders) in the city of Riyadh. Tuesday, May 23, 2023.

The Gulf Open Day for Economic Operators (manufacturers, importers, distributors, authorized dealers) is an open discussion platform that is held in the form of a physical meeting and virtually through visual communication technology.

This annual event, being organized on regular basis, has become a forum for coordination in light of the strategic direction of GSO, with commitment by the participating partners, stakeholders and those interested in the development of the regulatory process, and to provide them with the opportunity to exchange views, experiences and relevant successful practices.

By organizing such an important event, GSO aims to involve the main stakeholders of the economic operators and notified bodies in the regulatory process to improve the regulatory practices, ensure the safety of products, and facilitate trade exchange to serve the Gulf common market.

GSO is also keen to guarantee the active participation of manufacturers and traders in this Gulf Day, and to provide support for this coordination with partners. The meeting also aims to come up with various recommendations that support the direction of GSO in building, strengthening and activating the participation of economic operators and related parties.

The meeting aims at providing the appropriate means for the participation of economic operators in the process of preparing and developing technical regulation by accessing draft technical regulations from the outset for early consultation of views and comments. This participation will facilitate and ease the eventual implementation of the Gulf or national technical regulations in the member states, as well as activating the sectoral working groups between GSO and the economic operators within the framework of cooperation and coordination between regulators and economic operators, to study issues related to the sectoral draft technical regulations, and to issue recommendations in this regard to be submitted to GSO to take into account the necessary measures, in a way that enhances the efficiency of their implementation.

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