GCC Standardization Organization and Multinational Companies Business Group Partner to Advance the Gulf’s Standardization Efforts

October 11, 2021
GCC Standardization Organization and Multinational Companies Business Group Partner to Advance the Gulf’s Standardization Efforts

The GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) and the Multinational Companies Business Group (MCBG) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that aims to further the understanding of the role of standardization in growing the economy and encouraging public-private partnership. The agreement was signed between the GSO’s President H.E. Saud Al-Khusaibi and MCBG’s Chairman Ramy Zaki at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dubai.

The MoU will cover engagements between GSO representing its Member States and all of the MCBG’s 50 members representing various industries and sectors, and will include areas relating to awareness about the importance of standardization for governments and businesses, knowledge sharing on global best practices, MBCG representation on GSO committees, the establishment of a GSO-MCBG Task Force for cooperation and coordination of regulation activities, and the undertaking of joint research activities.

Along with the signing ceremony event, H.E Saud Al-Khusaibi and Mr. Ramy Zaki met H.E Hamad Bumaim, President and CEO of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who congratulated the MCBG and the GSO on signing the MoU, which he described as an important step in unifying industry standards in the region. H.E. Buamim noted that the agreement complements efforts by the MCBG, a business group operating under the umbrella of Dubai Chamber, to cooperate with public and private sector stakeholders to support the interest of businesses from various industries in Dubai. He lauded the two organizations for aligning their efforts to provide more clarity on the matter of standardization within business communities, adding that this aspect is key to facilitating trade and commerce.

The event showed attendance and participation by H.E Farah Ali AlZarooni, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Standards and Regulations Department at the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology along with representatives and delegations from Gulf Standardization Organization, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and member companies from the Multinational Companies Business Group (MCBG).

“Standards matter for all of us, and they ensure that goods or services are produced to a consistent quality level,” explained GSO’s President H.E. Saud Al-Khusaibi. “We are constantly looking to how we can improve shared standards across the Gulf, and we believe that there’s much we can share between ourselves and the MBCG when it comes to expertise, knowledge and research on standards. This MoU lead to better standardization practices, and that will benefit everyone, including governments, businesses, and consumers.”

“The GSO has been instrumental in raising the level of the standards for goods and services across the GCC, and we want to support them in their mission to promote intra-GCC trade and grow the Gulf’s economy, whilst protecting consumers, the environment and public health. This partnership will further that vision, and MCBG members will support the building of a world-class standardization process in the Gulf through the knowledge-sharing, engagement with GSO teams, and joint research.” explained MCBG’s Chiarman Mr. Rami Zaki.

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