GSO 1925:2021

Gulf Technical Regulation   ACTIVE

Whole Maize (Corn) flour

This Standard applies to whole maize (corn) meal for direct human consumption Prepared from kernels of common maize, Zea mays L., as described in Section 3. - This Standard does not apply to degermed maize (corn) meal, enriched maize (corn) meal, maize(corn) flours, maize (corn) grits, quick grits, hominy grits, self-rising maize (corn)meals ,bolted maize(corn)meals, maize (corn) flakes and other maize (corn) based ready-to-eat cereals, maize(corn)flaking grits ,and alkaline treated maize (corn) products. - This Standard does not apply to maize meals for use as a brewing adjunct, to maize meals used for manufacturing of starch and any industrial use, not to maize meal for use as an animal feed.
01 July 2021
Cereals, pulses and derived products
Including grains, corn, flours, baked products, etc.



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