GSO 2210:2021

Gulf Technical Regulation   Current Edition
Edition : 2 Approved on  01 July 2021

Ginseng products

Food additives
Including salt, vinegar, food preservation additives, etc.

GSO 2210:2021 Files

Arabic 24 Pages
Current Edition Reference Language
175.0 SAR
English 17 Pages
Current Edition
145.0 SAR

GSO 2210:2021 Scope

This standard applies to the ginseng products as defined in Section 3 below and offered for direct consumption, including for catering purposes or for repacking if required. It does not apply to the product when indicated as being intended for further processing. This standard applies to ginseng products1 used as a food or food ingredient and does not apply to products used for medicinal purposes1. This Standard applies only in those jurisdictions where products defined in 1.3 are regulated as foods.

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