GSO IEC 63092-2:2022

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
Approved on  12 May 2022

Photovoltaics in buildings - Part 2: Requirements for building-integrated photovoltaic systems

Solar energy engineering
Including photovoltaic energy systems

GSO IEC 63092-2:2022 Files

GSO IEC 63092-2:2022 Scope

IEC 63092-2:2020 specifies BIPV system requirements and applies to photovoltaic systems that are integrated into buildings with the photovoltaic modules used as building products. It focuses on the properties of these photovoltaic systems relevant to basic building requirements and the applicable electrotechnical requirements.
This document addresses requirements on the BIPV systems in the specific ways they are intended to be mounted and the mounting structure, but not the BIPV module itself, which is within the scope of IEC 63092-1.

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