GSO EN 15620:2023

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
· Approved on 03 May 2023 ·

Steel static storage systems - Tolerances, deformations and clearances

Storage equipment
Including loading devices, shelves, etc.

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GSO EN 15620:2023 Scope

This document specifies tolerances, deformations and clearances that pertain to the production, assembly and erection and performance under load of pallet racking and cantilever racking. These tolerances, deformations and clearances are important in relation to the functional requirements and ensuring the proper interaction of the handling equipment used by personnel, trained and qualified as competent, in association with the specific type of racking system. The interaction conditions are also important in determining the reliability of the storage system to ensure that the chance of mechanical handling equipment impact, pallet impact or a system breakdown is acceptably low. This document is limited to: — single deep adjustable beam pallet racking operated with industrial trucks; — single and double deep adjustable beam pallet racking operated with stacker cranes; — drive-in and drive through racking systems operated with industrial trucks; — cantilever racking systems operated with industrial trucks. This document does not apply to specialized types of equipment such as automated trucks, miniload, satellite systems, systems involving the use of articulated trucks, trucks using intrusive stacking methods or industrial truck serviced rack-clad buildings. This document specifically excludes the tolerances and deformation of the industrial trucks, stacker cranes and floors. It is the responsibility of the specifier in cooperation with the client or user to ensure that the tolerances, deformations and clearances, as quoted in this document are acceptable for safe operation of the overall system considering all factors of influence and the user informed by means such as operation instructions. The specifier can carry out appropriate design/calculations to vary some of the parameters provided that an equivalent safe operation is achieved. This document gives guidance to be used in conjunction with mechanical handling equipment and floor information. This document gives guidance to be used in conjunction with mechanical handling equipment and floor information.

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