GSO EN 1504-4:2023

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
· Approved on 28 February 2023 ·

Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Definitions, requirements, quality control and evaluation of conformity - Part 4: Structural bonding

Concrete structures
Including the repair and protection of concrete products and structures

GSO EN 1504-4:2023 Files

GSO EN 1504-4:2023 Scope

This Part 4 of EN 1504 specifies requirements for the identification, performance (including durability) and safety of structural bonding products and systems to be used for the structural bonding of strengthening materials to an existing concrete structure, including: 1) The bonding of external plates of steel or other suitable materials (e.g. fibre reinforced composites) to the surface of a concrete structure for strengthening purposes, including the laminating of plates in such applications. 2) The bonding of hardened concrete to hardened concrete, typically associated with the use of precast units in repair and strengthening. 3) The casting of fresh concrete to hardened concrete using an adhesive bonded joint where it forms a part of the structure and is required to act compositely. The performance requirements in this Part of this Standard may not be applicable to highly specialised applications in extreme environmental conditions, e.g. cryogenic use, nor do they cover specialised circumstances such as accidental impact, e.g. due to traffic or ice, or earthquake loading where specific performance requirements will apply.

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