GSO ASTM F1949:2022

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
Approved on  12 May 2022

Standard Specification for Medical Oxygen Delivery Systems for EMS Ground Vehicles

Anaesthetic, respiratory and reanimation equipment
Including medical gas installations

GSO ASTM F1949:2022 Files

GSO ASTM F1949:2022 Scope

This specification covers minimum requirements for primary medical oxygen delivery systems for EMS ground vehicles used in the following applications: (1) the transportation of the sick and injured to or from an appropriate medical facility while basic, advanced, or specialized life support services are being provided, (2) the delivery of interhospital critical transport care, (3) the delivery of nonemergency, medically required, transport services, and (4) the transportation and delivery of personnel and supplies essential for proper care of an emergent patient. This standard establishes criteria to be considered in the performance, specification, purchase, and acceptance testing of EMS ground vehicles. The oxygen delivery system may be either a gaseous oxygen (GOX) system, or a liquid oxygen (LOX) system. Design and installation of the oxygen delivery system shall meet the requirements specified for: (1) capacity, (2) components such as oxygen piping system, flow control device, oxygen outlet, shutoff device, and secondary oxygen outlet, and (3) oxygen compartment. The oxygen system shall conform to the specified performance requirements including: (1) delivery flowrate, (2) delivery pressure, (3) delivery temperature, (4) temperature conditions such as storage temperature, cold soak, and heat soak, (5) electromagnetic interference, and (6) structural integrity against vibration, acceleration load, and shock load (basic design and crash worthiness). Installation requirements for oxygen piping routing and mounting, as well as flaring and bending, are specified. Design, installation, and pressure test requirements for GOX and LOX systems are detailed.

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