GSO ASTM F1837M:2022

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· Approved on 12 May 2022 ·

Standard Specification for Heat-Shrink Cable Entry Seals (Metric)

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GSO ASTM F1837M:2022 Scope

This specification covers the general requirements for heat-shrink cable entry seals. Cable entry seals are intended for making electrical cable penetrations into connection boxes, bulkheads, or other enclosures. Heat-shrink cable entry seals shall be of the following types: Type I (Types I-1, I-2, I-3, I-4, I-5, and I-6); Type II (Types II-1, II-2, II-3, and II-4); Type III; and Type IV. The rigid plastic parts shall be made from polyamide (nylon), or polyester material, or both. The following tests shall be performed: conformance testing; mechanical abuse test; and level of effectiveness.

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