GSO 2693:2022

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
Edition : 1 Approved on  12 May 2022

The GCC Terrestrial Radio Receiver Specifications for AM/FM/T-DAB+

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English 15 Pages
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135.0 SAR

GSO 2693:2022 Scope

This specification shall apply to all producers, manufacturers, importers and retailers who wish to sell radio receivers and all other products which have built-in radio receivers in the GCC countries. This specification shall be used to assess the eligibility of a product for use in the GCC countries. This specification covers devices which can receive terrestrially transmitted AM, FM and T-DAB+ radio services. Some of these devices may also receive other digital radio services via alternative delivery platforms, such as the internet. This specification does not cover details of a receiver intended to receive digital services via these alternative delivery platforms. This specification covers many types of receiver, including home receivers, portable receivers, devices integrated into the vehicle dashboard and aftermarket devices mounted in the dashboard, behind the dashboard, to the vehicle windscreen or elsewhere. This specification covers devices whose sole function is to receive radio services, and also devices which have one or more other functions in addition to receiving radio services.

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