GSO 1161:2021

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
· Approved on 01 July 2021 · Edition 2


Lubricants, industrial oils and related products
Including mineral oils, fluids for metal working and for temporary protection against corrosion

GSO 1161:2021 Files

Arabic 9 Pages
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105.0 SAR
English 7 Pages
Current Edition
90.0 SAR

GSO 1161:2021 Scope

1.1 This Gulf standard specifics HLP hydraulic oils that are recommended for use in hydrostatic fluid power systems, where high thermal stresses are likely to happen, water - induced corrosion is to be expected and where the design or operating conditions of their pumps or hydraulic engines require the use of oils that contain additives for reducing wear in the mixed friction range. 1.2 HLP hydraulic oils may also be used in hydrodynamic fluid power systems if they meet the operating requirements of such systems.

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