GSO IEC 60601-2-57:2017

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Medical electrical equipment - Part 2-57: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of non-laser light source equipment intended for therapeutic, diagnostic, monitoring and cosmetic/aesthetic use

Adoption by Endorsement

Adoption by endorsement for the latest version of this international/national standard and the previous adopted edition remains effective for 2 years starting from the date of last international update

Replacement: This International Standard applies to BASIC SAFETY and ESSENTIAL PERFORMANCE of equipment incorporating one or more sources of OPTICAL RADIATION in the wavelength range 200 nm to 3 000 nm, with the exception of laser radiation, and intended to create non-visual photobiological effects in humans or animals for therapeutic, diagnostic, monitoring, cosmetic/aesthetic or veterinary applications; hereafter referred to as light source equipment (LS EQUIPMENT). This particular standard does not apply to equipment for sun tanning, for ophthalmic instruments or for infant phototherapy. NOTE Safety requirements in this particular standard are intended to address only HAZARDS to the eye and skin; hazards to internal tissues are not included in its scope. LS EQUIPMENT may consist of a single or multiple sources of OPTICAL RADIATION, with or without power supply, or may be incorporated into a complex system that includes optical, electrical or mechanical systems or sources of other radiation. NOTE Annexes AA to EE have been included for purposes of general guidance and to illustrate many typical cases. However, the annexes should not be regarded as definitive or exhaustive.
IEC 60601-2-57:2011
03 October 2017
Radiographic equipment
Including radiographic diagnostic and therapy equipment



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