GSO IEC/TS 62656-2:2017

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Standardized product ontology register and transfer by spreadsheets - Part 2: Application guide for use with the IEC common data dictionary (CDD)

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This part of IEC 62656 provides an application guide for the data parcels specified in IEC 62656-1 and used for the definition of a domain data dictionary that may be imported from and exported to the IEC common data dictionary, or IEC CDD for short, maintained as the IEC 61360-4 database [1]. This part of IEC 62656 provides instructions for the interpretation and use of the technical specification defined in IEC 62656-1 within a software application, to avoid misuse of the data constructs available in IEC 62656-1. This application guide contains the following items: • principal information for implementing data parcels for data dictionaries from/to the IEC CDD, • typical examples of how to implement typical features on data parcels, • extension of conformance classes for implementation of parcel-based systems to import/export data parcels from/to the IEC CDD. The following items are outside the scope of this part of IEC 62656: • procedures for building IEC 61360 compliant domain data dictionaries, • semantics of a standard data dictionary itself, • theoretical explanation of the logical structure of data parcels, which is considered in IEC 62656-1, • interface for the common information model (IEC 61970-301 [2]), which is considered in IEC 62656-3 [3].
IEC TS 62656-2:2013
03 October 2017
Technical product documentation
Including rules for preparation of user guides, manuals, product specifications, etc.



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