GSO ISO 13164-4:2017

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Water quality -- Radon-222 -- Part 4: Test method using two-phase liquid scintillation counting

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This part of ISO 13164 describes a test method for the determination of radon-222 (^(222)Rn) activity concentration in non-saline waters by extraction and liquid scintillation counting. The radon-222 activity concentrations, which can be measured by this test method utilizing currently available instruments, are at least above 0,5 Bq l^(−1) for a 10 ml test sample and a measuring time of 1 h. This test method can be used successfully with drinking water samples and it is the responsibility of the laboratory to ensure the validity of this test method for water samples of untested matrices. Annex A gives indication on the necessary counting conditions to meet the required detection limits for drinking water monitoring.
ISO 13164-4:2015
03 October 2017
Radiation protection
Including protection against radio-frequency radiation
Radiation measurements
Including dosimetry


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