GSO ISO/TR 18492:2017

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
· Approved on 03 October 2017 ·

Long-term preservation of electronic document-based information

Document imaging applications
Including micrographic, electronic and optical applications

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GSO ISO/TR 18492:2017 Scope

This Technical Report provides practical methodological guidance for the long-term preservation and retrieval of authentic electronic document-based information, when the retention period exceeds the expected life of the technology (hardware and software) used to create and maintain the information. It takes into account the role of technology neutral information technology standards in supporting long-term access. This guidance also acknowledges that ensuring the long-term preservation and retrieval of authentic electronic document-based information should involve IT specialists, document managers, records managers and archivists. It does not cover processes for the creation, capture and classification of authentic electronic document-based information. This Technical Report applies to all forms of information generated by information systems and saved as evidence of business transactions and activities. NOTE Electronic document-based information constitutes the “business memory” of daily business actions or events and enables entities to later review, analyse or document these actions and events. As such, this electronic document-based information is evidence of business transactions that enable entities to support current and future management decisions, satisfy customers, achieve regulatory compliance and protect against adverse litigation. To achieve this goal, this electronic document-based information should be retained and appropriately preserved.

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