GSO ISO/TR 16806:2017

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Pneumatic fluid power -- Cylinders -- Load capacity of pneumatic slides and their presentation method

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1.1 This Technical Report describes how to calculate the loading limits for a pneumatic slide based upon: — external forces applied in the three principle planes of a tool plate, and applied at any point; — external torque applied in the three principle planes of a tool plate; — bearing limits determined by the slide manufacturer in conjunction with the bearing supplier. 1.2 This Technical Report also describes how to calculate tool plate deflections due to the loads. 1.3 This Technical Report describes how to present the rating information in technical documentation for application by a user. 1.4 This Technical Report assumes that all of the applied loads and torque will be absorbed by the guide rods and not by the piston rod. Only the axial thrust load (but not the resulting moments) will be absorbed by the piston rod.
ISO/TR 16806:2003
03 October 2017


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