GSO 2540:2017

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Petroleum and natural gas industries - Project Environmental Impact Assessments

This document outlines the procedure necessary to prepare the required Environmental Screening and Scoping (ESS) Statements, included in the Design Basis Scoping Papers (DBSPs) for major capital projects, and in the expenditure requests for BI-19 Miscellaneous Capital Items. This document also outlines the procedure necessary to prepare the required Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for major projects and for master appropriations (such as drilling operations) and BI-19 projects with a significant environmental impacts. The primary objective of both the ESS Statement and the EIA is to document the scope of environmental issues very early in the project in order to consider project alternatives that would reduce or eliminate adverse impacts and resource conservation potential. The EIA should recommend appropriate, cost-effective measures, which will mitigate significant environmental impacts, and describe how implementation of these recommendations will be monitored during construction and operation.
27 April 2017
Environmental impact assessment
Including environmental risk management


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