GSO 2531:2016

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
Edition : 1 Approved on  27 September 2016

Saftey and Performance Requirements for Air-conditioners and Methods of test including MEPS

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English 12 Pages
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115.0 SAR

GSO 2531:2016 Scope

This GSO Standard deals with the safety requirements, testing methods and rating for performance requirements for air-conditioner appliances. It covers air conditioners of windows and split types, ducted or non-ducted air conditioners, employing air cooled condensers and designed to operate according to the voltages and frequencies mentioned in Annex A. It covers air conditioners of cooling type only or cooling/heating, either heating carried out by using electrical elements or by using heat pump system. It covers air-conditioners of capacities up to and including 70000 Btu/hr (20 Kw).

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