GSO IEC/TS 62441:2014

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
Approved on  25 December 2014

Safeguards againts accidentally caused candle flame ignition for audio/video, communication and information technology equipment

Office machines
Including typewriters, dictation equipment, addressing machines, letter opening machines, letter folding machines, postal franking machines, their ribbons and other accessories, etc.
Home economics in general
Including consumer information

GSO IEC/TS 62441:2014 Files

GSO IEC/TS 62441:2014 Scope

This technical specification introduces safeguards to reduce the likelihood of room flash-over as a result of accidental ignition of exterior housings of audio/video and information communication technology products likely to be used in the home, caused by a candle flame. NOTE According to AC/22/2009 and SMB decision 135/20, this technical specification should currently only be used for television sets. It can be used for other products only if a risk assessment indicates problems with these products.

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