GSO OIML R87:2007

Gulf Standard   Updated on 05 June 2007

Quantity of Product in Prepackages

his Recommendation specifies the:•Legal metrology requirements for prepackagedalso called prepackaged commodities or( productslabeled in predetermined )prepackaged goodsvolume, ,constant nominal quantities of weightand ;or count ,area ,linear measure•Sampling plans and procedures for use by legalmetrology officials in verifying the quantity ofproduct in prepackages.Note:The sampling plans are not for use in thequantity control processes of prepackagers.Informative Annexes include an examination pro-procedures for determining average ,cedure outlinethe drained quantity of products in liquid ,tare weightand the actual quantity of frozen products. ,mediumAlso included is a mandatory Annex on misleadingprepackages.
Adoption without modification
OIML R 87:2004
05 June 2007
Measurement of volume, mass, density, viscosity
Including measuring instruments



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