GSO ISO 2768-1:2002

Gulf Technical Regulation   Current Edition
Approved on  21 October 2002

Generar tolerances part tolerances for linear and anyular dimension withuot individual to lerance indications .

Linear and angular measurements
Including Geometrical Product Specification (GPS)

GSO ISO 2768-1:2002 Files

Arabic 8 Pages
Current Edition
English 3 Pages
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GSO ISO 2768-1:2002 Scope

This standard is intended to simplify drawing indications and it specifies general tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications in four tolerance classes1). It applies to the dimensions of parts that are produced by metal removal or parts that are formed from sheet metal. These tolerances may be suitable for use with materials other than metal. This part only applies to the following dimensions which do not have an individual tolerance indication: a) Linear dimensions (e.g. external sizes, internal sizes, step sizes, diameters, radii, distances, external radii and chamfer heights for broken edges). b) Angular dimensions, including angular dimensions usually not indicated, e.g. right angles (90o), or angles of uniform polygons. c) Linear and angular dimensions produced by machining assembled parts. It does not apply to the following dimensions: a) Linear and angular dimensions which are covered by reference to other standards on general tolerances; b) Auxiliary dimensions indicated in brackets; c) Theoretically exact dimensions indicated in rectangular frames.

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