GSO 1005:1998

Gulf Technical Regulation   Historical
· Approved on 15 September 1998 · Edition 1

Room air conditioners.

GSO 1005:1998 Files

Arabic 21 Pages
Historical Reference Language
165.0 SAR
English 13 Pages
125.0 SAR

GSO 1005:1998 Scope

This standard is concerned with single package and split system room air-conditioners, employing air-cooled condensers, Designed for operation on single phase a.c rated voltages and rated frequencies as specified in Appendix “A”. It covers units used for cooling only or for cooling/heating, whether the heating is by electric heating elements or by Heat-pump system. It deals with air-conditioners of cooling capacity up to 7 Kw (24000 Btu/h).

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