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GSO ISO/TS 23635:2024
ISO/TS 23635:2022 
Gulf Standard
Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies — Guidelines for governance
GSO IEC TR 61850-90-11:2024
IEC TR 61850-90-11:2020 
Gulf Standard
Communication networks and systems for power utility automation - Part 90-11: Methodologies for modelling of logics for IEC 61850 based applications
GSO IEC TR 60904-14:2024
IEC TR 60904-14:2020 
Gulf Standard
Photovoltaic devices - Part 14: Guidelines for production line measurements of single-junction PV module maximum power output and reporting at standard test conditions
GSO EN 17344:2024
EN 17344:2020 
Gulf Standard
Agricultural machinery - Self-propelled agricultural and forestry vehicles - Requirements for braking
GSO IEC 62841-3-6:2024
IEC 62841-3-6:2014 
Gulf Standard
Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery - Safety - Part 3-6: Particular requirements for transportable diamond drills with liquid system
GSO IEC 60335-2-119:2024
IEC 60335-2-119:2021 
Gulf Standard
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-119: Particular requirements for commercial vacuum packaging appliances
GSO IEC 60794-2-50:2024
IEC 60794-2-50:2023 
Gulf Standard
Optical fibre cables - Part 2-50: Indoor cables - Family specification for simplex and duplex cables for use in terminated cable assemblies
GSO IEC 60404-8-7:2024
IEC 60404-8-7:2020 
Gulf Standard
Magnetic materials - Part 8-7: Specifications for individual materials - Cold-rolled grain-oriented electrical steel strip and sheet delivered in the fully-processed state
GSO IEC 60884-3-1:2024
IEC 60884-3-1:2021 
Gulf Standard
Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes - Part 3-1: Particular requirements for socket-outlets incorporating USB power supply
GSO IEC 61987-31:2024
IEC 61987-31:2022 
Gulf Standard
Industrial-process measurement and control - Data structures and elements in process equipment catalogues - Part 31: List of Properties (LOPs) of infrastructure devices for electronic data exchange – Generic structures
GSO IEC 60947-1:2024
IEC 60947-1:2020 
Gulf Standard
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 1: General rules
GSO ASTM E145:2024
ASTM E145:19 
Gulf Standard
Standard Specification for Gravity-Convection and Forced-Ventilation Ovens