GSO Fuel Economy Guide

Browse and compare motor vehicles models based on fuel economy and technical specifications.

VIN Details

Check vehicle target country, linked certificate and linked recalls via its VIN number

GCC Officers Dashboard

Verify and download certificates, fuel economy labels and recalls.

Custom Clearance Guide

An indicative guide for customs clearance of new motor vehicles, motorcycles and tyres

Technical Regulations

List of GSO Technical Regulations for Motor Vehicles

Consumer Guide

An indicative consumer guide for motor vehicles, motorcycles and tyres

Browse fuel economy guide for motor vehicles bearing GSO Fuel Economy Labels and compare between them. Authorities in GSO member states can access the detail of fuel economy labels, conformity certificates, recalls, VINs, and authorized importers

Mutabiq App Includes
  • Scan QR Code in motor vehicle/tyre label to verify the label details
  • Authorized users can access fuel economy labels, conformity certificates, recalls, VINs, and authorized importers
  • Read import documents like custom clearance guides and technical regulations
  • Know more about the Mutabiq app, GCC Standardization Organization, and its contact details, privacy, terms of use
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About Mutabiq

Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Tyres Manufacturers can create their profile and declare their product technical details and test reports for attestation from our engineers. Know more about Mutabiq

GCC Standardization Organization
About GSO

GSO is a Regional Standardization Organization (RSO) to unifying the various standardization activities and to develop the production and service sectors, intra-GCC trade, protect the consumer, environment and the public health, enhance the GCC economy and its competitiveness.. Visit GSO Website