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Split type air conditioner 
Class I; R410A; For outdoor unit: 380-415V 3N~; 50Hz; IPX4, 11A for GUHN36TM3HO; 14A for GUHN60TM3HO For indoor unit: 220-240V~, 50Hz, 210W for GKH36TK3HI; 290W for GKH60TK3HI, 350W for GFH36TK3H1I, GFH36TK3HI; 550W for GFH60TK3H1I, GFH60TK3HI Product Dimensions <L W H> (mm): • For GFH36TK3H1I and GFH36TK3HI: 1230*790*290; For GKH36TK3HI: 950*950*380; For GUHN36TM3HO: 980*425*790; • For GFH60TK3H1I and GFH60TK3HI: 1235*830*330; For GKH60TK3HI: 950*950*350 For GUHN60TM3HO: 980*410*1350 
Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai 
10 Jan 2021 

Product Models

Model Number Notes
Indoor unit: GFH36TK3H1I, GFH36TK3HI, GKH36TK3HI, GFH60TK3H1I, GFH60TK3HI, GKH60TK3HI Outdoor unit: GUHN36TM3HO, GUHN60TM3HO

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