Certification requirements for halal food according Gulf standards requirements: GSO 2055-1:2015 and GSO 993:2015,

  RIYADH   |         |     09:00 - 14:00   |     93 days to start
2500.0 SAR
English and Arabic
GCC Standardization Organization (GSO)
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Training objective:

This course aims to:

Understand the requirements for certification of halal food according to Gulf standards GSO 2055-1: 2015 and GSO 993: 2015.

Understand the audit methods for certifying halal products.

Target audience:

Auditors and employees of the Halal certification bodies

Assessors of accreditation bodies

Managers/ Owners/ Management team from laboratory and food industries concerned with developing and maintaining the Halal Food


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This course comes within the framework of the great efforts of cooperation of the national bodies in Member States in the consolidation of international concepts and practices, encouraging participation in international standardization efforts, raising the level of employees in Halal certificates and qualification of specialists in Halal certification according to Gulf Standard GSO 2055-1:2015 and GSO 993:2015, and presenting the Gulf experience in granting Halal certification