Verification of the prepackaging

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English and Arabic
Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology
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  • to give an outline of the legal requirements relating to labelling and quantity control of pre-packages and guidance on how they can be met.
  •  to give delegates an update on GSO Guidelines on pre-packaged goods and other legislations ( e.g. European legislation )
  • to look at OIML Recommendations R79 Labeling requirements for pre-packaged products and R87 Quantity of product in pre-packages, good regulatory practice

Who Should Attend?

Legal Metrology officers

Conformity assessment Officers

Trading Standards Officers

Quality Managers for Packing companies

Importers of pre-packages


o      Introduction to legal metrology and Packaged Goods Regulations

o      OIML Recommendation R79 (Labelling requirements for pre-packaged goods

o      OIML Recommendation R87 (Quantity of product in pre-packages)

  • Metrological requirements for a pre-package
  • Reference test for metrological requirement
  • Tare procedures
  • Group exercises
  • Outline of examination procedure
  • Group exercises (goods sold by weight
  • Group exercises (goods sold by volume, length, area and count)
  • Random Sampling
  • Reference test for goods sold by weight.
  • Group Practical exercises
  • Equipment, Density measurement
  • Demonstration of the Reference test for goods (non-carbonated liquid) sold by volume
  • Group Practical exercises
  • Visit to manufacturer or packer to carry out a reference test (agreed & arranged by the host)
  • Debrief (including software demonstration)
  • Drained quantity of products packed in a liquid medium
  • Group Practical exercises
  • Test procedures for determining the actual quantity of frozen products
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables
  • Glazed seafood
  • Frozen shrimp and crab meat Issues


Mr. Jaco Marneweck + Eng.Salam Alhayari

This training course intends to demonstrate and develop the practical application of the average quantity system (AQS) to determine the quantity of pre-packaged goods.

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