Impact of Implementing WTO TBT & SPS Agreements in Supporting and Facilitating Trade Exchange

  Abu Dhabi   |         |     08:00 - 14:00   |     135 days to start
3750.0 SAR
English and Arabic
GCC Standardization Organization (GSO)
Open   Listed

Course Objective:

This course is designed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) and Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures (SPS) in WTO agreements, Enquiry Points, Notification Authority and the introduction of electronic systems.

The workshop will combine lectures, exercises and interactive sessions aimed at enhancing overall understanding of the Agreements, with special emphasis on the transparency provisions and on the ongoing discussions in the SPS and TBT Committees.

Among other things, the hands-on training exercises will be geared at searching for information using the ePing SPS&TBT Platform and using its other functions.

Target group:

·         Notification Authority

·         Enquiry Points

·         Specialists employed by national standards bodies

·         Members of national/GCC technical committees.

·         Bodies that participate in standards development technical committees.-

Main Course Topics:

·         Principles of the multilateral global trading system

·         The role of trade in development.

·         WTO membership

·         WTO/TBT/SPS Agreements, and Implementation.

·         Dispute settlement within WTO.

·         International Standards for Trade & Development

·         Technical Regulations & Conformity Assessment and Trade.

·         Enquiry Points

·         Notification Authority

·         Notification (WTO/TBT, WTO/SPS)

·         Notification to the GCC.

·         GSO Unified Notification

·Electronic systems: ePing – SPS &TBT notification alert system

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