Practical Program for Conformity Specialists

  QATAR   |         |     08:00 - 14:00   |     70 days to start
6250.0 SAR
English and Arabic
Qatar General Organization For Standardization
Open   Listed

: Course Objectives

  • ­      Presenting the Gulf regulatory framework for product safety, its instruments, and the involved parties for implementation
  • ­      Presenting and discussing the Gulf instruments in the Gulf technical regulations, in relation to the national instruments and their applications
  • ­      Presenting and discussing conformity assessment procedures in the Gulf framework in relation with national instruments
  • ­      Presenting and discussing instruments for c product safety monitoring in the Gulf market
  • ­      Exchanging point of views on national product safety instruments and discussing ways to achieve integration at the Gulf level

: Who Should Attend

Conformity Assessment Specialists within national standardization bodies, and other specialists in conformity

: Course Outlines

  • ­      Introducing the Gulf system for product safety
  • ­     The Gulf system for product safety, and the related relevant Gulf technical regulations
  •          Instruments and institutions
  •           Horizontal technical regulations, sectorial technical regulations
  • ­      Conformity assessment procedures in Gulf technical regulations
  •           Conformity assessment procedures for low-voltage electrical devices and equipment
  •          Conformity assessment procedures for children toys
  • ­      Procedures for product safety monitoring in the Gulf market
  •         Market surveillance procedures and risk assessment
  •        The Gulf system for information exchange on dangerous products
  • ­      Workshop: exchanging views on national instruments for product safety and discussing ways to achieve integration at the Gulf level

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-The Practical Programme for Conformity Specialists aims to provide the necessary knowledge on tools, instruments and regulatory framework for product safety and conformity assessment, including the issuance of legislation and technical regulations for product safety, methods of using and referring to Gulf and national standards, conformity assessment procedures, as well as other instruments for safety monitoring in the market.