Preparing International Cooperation Projects in Standardization Fields

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GCC Standardization Organization (GSO)
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This Seminar aims to:

·        introduce the role of international relations and international cooperation units in enhancing the image of organizations, building partnerships with counterparts, and the professional competencies of specialists in these administrative units.

·        review international cooperation frameworks, their follow-up mechanism, and measure progress in their implementation in participating organizations and representatives of member states.


·        Those working in the field of international relations and international cooperation.

·        The Gulf team for international relation


·        Main activities of the international relations/cooperation departments

·        The strategic role of the departments of international relations/ cooperation

·        Required competencies: knowledge, skills, and behavior.

·        Cooperation frameworks at the international/regional and national cooperation levels.

·        Good Practices: ISO, IEC, CENCENENLEC, ASTM, and member states of the body

·        Tools/KPIs


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-GSO and its Member States have close cooperation relations and strategic partnerships with a number of international, regional and national organizations related to standardization, through signing memorandums of understanding (MoUs), cooperation agreements or letters of good intentions with the aim of exploring opportunities for cooperation and facilitating the adoption of international standards and the exchange of information and expertise, best practices and harmonization within the framework (ISO), the (IEC), and (ITU), in a way that contributes to enhancing and highlighting the image of GSO and Member States at the regional and international levels and linking and integrating their work programs with the programs of relevant parties.