GSO standard GSO OIML R117 Dynamic Measuring Systems for Liquids Other Than Water

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2500.0 SAR
Saudi Standardization, Metrology and Quality Organization
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: Course Outlines

·       Metrology (definition - importance - fields)

·       Legal metrology

·       International Authorities related to Legal Metrology.

·       Terminology.

·       Fuel dispenser Requirements OIML R117

·       Procedures for checking fuel dispensers (Theoretical).

·      Procedures for checking fuel dispensers (Practical) – on site

Who should attend:

Workers in the Metrology departments in the Member States

Representatives of the designated authorities authorized to conduct services and operations of examination and verification in the field of legal metrology


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-Introducing metrology and its fields, and providing a comprehensive picture of the legal metrology system for fuel pumps according to international standards and recommendations (GSO OIML R117), in order to qualify trainees who can perform verification on fuel pumps measuring devices accurately, and provide them with the necessary skills to apply the measurement and calibration system

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